ICJ Decisions

ICJ Decisions Courtesy of World Court

Cases Relating to Nuclear Testing

European Court of First Instance Decision on French Nuclear Testing at Moruroa

Order of the President of the Court of First Instance of 22 December
Nuclear tests conducted by a Member State - Application for suspension of the operation of a Commission decision regarding nuclear tests
Nuclear Testing: NZ v France in the International Court of Justice   
A summary of legal argument and judgement
Attorney-General Paul East Q.C. Legal Argument before the ICJ
Online copies of ICJ Advisory Opinion on the Legalities of Nuclear Weapons by Australian Government
NZ Arguments to ICJLegality of Nuclear Weapons - full text - courtesy of Australian Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade- and Courtesy of Canadian Dept of Trade and Foreign Affairs
Cases Relating to Climate Change
Funding of power station in Canary Islands-Climate change - Environmental Impact Assessments - StandingOrder of the Court of First Instance (First Chamber) of 9 August 1995
On Appeal: Case C-321/95 P (Greenpeace v Commission)
  • Australian Redbank case on climate change
Various Climate ConventionsCases Relating to WTO
  • TED Selection of WTO Cases - ollection of trade and environment cases by Dr James Lee
European Cases Selection of ECJ and CFI Cases: European Environmental Law HomepageOtherHouse of Lords New Pinochet Decision    Vacated Pinochet Decision (specifically Lord Nicholls and Lord Steyn speeches )Spain v Canada in the ICJ:  ICJ finds it has no jurisdiction -December 4 1998 ITLOS CasesCamouco case JudgmentAnderson DissentVukas dissentSouthern Bluefin Tuna case     Provisional Measures Order    Southern Bluefin Tuna arbitration at ICSIDITLOS Arbitral Tribunal Decision in Grand Prince Case     DecisionThe MOX Plant Case (Ireland v. United Kingdom), Provisional Measures
    OrderVolga (Russia v Australia) Judgment

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