Paper: The Right to Control Passage of Nuclear Transport Vessels Under International Law (1995)

Paper: The International Law of Shipments of Ultrahazardous Radioactive Materials: Strategies and Options to Protect the Marine Environment


IAEA Code of Practice

SPNFZ (South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone) Treaty

Nuclear Convention Texts from IAEA

Status of Ratification of Nuclear Conventions (search result)

Declaration by South American States

Declarations Made at Prepcom II of NPT 2000 by Chile and Argentina May 1998

Caricom statement on 1999 shipment

Mox Plant case Ireland v United Kingdom in the Hague. Transcript and documents here


Waigani text courtesy of BAN

Bamako Treaty courtesy of BAN

Mediterranean (Izmir) Protocol courtesy of BAN

Lome IV (Art 39) courtesy of BAN

South Pacific

Pacific Islands Forum



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