Multilateral Convention Sources

United Nations Treaty Database The best source for information on parties to treaties. You will need to register for this. Also UN declarations to the ICJ under the optional clause etc.

CIESIN Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI) Project: searchable by entry into force, parties, subject, and resource indicators. Recommended.

CIESIN Treaty Search Search treaties using various criteria

Conventions (Cornell Law School) - national and international law links

Conventions (Fletcher School of Diplomacy) Fletcher multilaterals project

Wiretap: Listing texts of Various Treaties

Lex Mercatoria commercial and trade law treaties

Hong Kong Treaty Project- treaties applicable to Hong Kong after 1 July 1997. Sorted by subject and chronology. Also bilateral treaties and agreements

University of Oregon International Environmental Agreements database

   University of Oregon List of MEA Secretariats

Fisheries Agreement texts from Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law

World Resources Institute (WRI): - International Agreements and Conventions on Environment: list of environmental treaties and sources

US Law

Megalaw environmental law and international law

Internet Law Library - US Law and Treaties relating to the US. US Federal Code etc. Originally the U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library.

E-Law e-law site - arranged by topic - biodiversity, climate change, etc.

Virtual Law Library (Indiana) - search or browse

EHSO  - Environmental Health and Safety Online - Multilateral Conventions

European Law

Sheffield Guide to Global (esp European and UK) Law Materials

Europa by European Commission - European Union On-Line.

     Official Journal online

     European Court of Justice cases search form

Internet Law Library European Law


Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law, Singapore: ASEAN, Asia/Pacific treaties and other documents, some global instruments, national legislation

General International Law Research Links

United Nations documentation - research guide

American Society of International Law - guide to resources for international law, including environmental. Their springboard contains useful international law links

Cornell University Law Library Legal Research Engine

NYU - New York University Law School Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases

Harvard research guide

Public International Law - Francis Auburn Home Page Pointers to Arctic and Antarctic, Law of Sea, Treaties, Human Rights, Indigenous People, Australian and International Law

Cambridge - Lauterpacht Centre for International Law

University of Bologna research guide to international law

Yale - Avalon Project - law, history and diplomacy

FIELD Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia

Private International Law Links

Lex Mercatoria - private international law

General United Nations Documents

United Nations Documents

UN Search e.g. General Assembly Resolutions

United Nations Security Council Resolutions

UN Agenda 21 Texts

Yale United Nations Scholars Workstation Home Page - maps, internet resources

UNCTAD Documents United Nations Conference on Trade and Development


International Tribunals/ International Court of Justice

PICT Project on International Courts and Tribunal - links to International Tribunals, news etc.

Official International Court of Justice Homepage includes decision texts

ICSID  awards

European Court of Human Rights

International Organizations

World Bank Group

WTO regularly updated; includes listings of recent documents

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


Ozone Secretariat (Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol)

Basel Convention

Biodiversity Convention (CBD)

CITES Home Page

UN FCCC(Climate Convention)

Convention on Migratory Species (The CMS or Bonn Convention)

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

Earth Negotiation Bulletin (ENB)

World Heritage

World Heritage Convention  

Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights

University of Minnesota Human Rights International and American human rights

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights -UN Human Rights Website

UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies Database   -very good

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Courtesy of University of Minnesota

Some Sources on International Environmental Law and Policy

Elaw Environmental law around the world

Georgetown Law Library

American University / Washington College of Law - International Environmental Law and Policy by David Hunter, Jim Saltzman and Durwood Zaelke

Materials on Climate Change and Ozone Protection

Local Materials

Climate Conventions FCCC, Vienna Convention, Montreal Protocol

Cases on Climate Change

Remote Links

Ozone Protection

Ozone Secretariat (Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol) Treaties and Documents

including the status of ratification and the 1997 Montreal Amendment

Climate Change

UN FCCC(Climate Convention)

Download text of Kyoto Convention from UN FCCC in HTML or pdf.

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

   IPCC Fourth Assessment Report - Summary for Policymakers

NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center Home Page

Climate Action Network

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC)

Global Commons Institute

Material on the Law of the Sea

Local Materials

UN Law of the Sea Convention 1982. Full hypertext format, in three linked parts plus the Annex in 2 parts.

Also in text format, (478KB) in (118KB) text file in pkzip 2.04 format or (153KB) Word for Windows 6.0 in pkzip 2.04 format

Remote Links

UN Law of Sea - DOALOS

UN Oceans and Law of the Sea Links Page useful LoS links and references

Text of Convention

UN Law of Sea List of Ratifications, post 1996 accessions, successions etc  web page updated frequently (nb: link changed recently)

Choice of Dispute Procedure

Declarations to Law of the Sea Convention


ITLOS International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea

    ITLOS Press Releases

International Seabed Authority Home Page 

1995 Fish Stocks Agreement

1995 UN Fish Stocks Agreement pdf

IISD Earth negotiations Bulletin  Commentary to 1995 Straddling Stocks Agreement




SPREP 1986 Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and the Environment of the South Pacific Region (Noumea Convention)

Pacific Islands Forum

1999 Convention on the Arrest of Ships

Maritime treaties



International Whaling Commission home page


NGO and Commercial Sites

NGO Fundraising sources Daryl Upsall

Nuclear Materials and Material on the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

Local Documents:

SPNFZ South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty

IAEA Code of Practice on the International Transboundary Movement of Radioactive Waste

Declaration by South American States On Nuclear Transports

Cases relating to Nuclear Testing in World Court and European Courts


Remote Links:

NGO Committee on Disarmament

IAEA Home Page

IAEA Nuclear Convention Texts

Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Home Page

NCI Documents re Radioactive Sea Transports recent press releases, links etc concerning the transport of radioactive materials by sea

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

CTBTO Home page - signatures, ratifications, etc etc

CTBT treaty text pdf

NPT - Non Proliferation Treaty

Text of NPT from FAS

NPT Signatories from FAS



Nuclear Control Institute

FAS Federation of American Scientists

Material on the Toxic Chemicals and the Toxic Waste Trade

Local Materials

Basel Convention

Basel Convention Rules of Procedure

Basel Convention COP 1 Decisions

Remote Links

BAN Basel Action Network Web Site Web site of the Basel Action Network

BAN Background Article Article by Jim Puckett on Basel Ban of the export of hazardous waste from OECD to non-OECD countries

COP2 Decision II/12 Text of the Basel Ban

COP3 Decision III/1 Text of 2nd Decision to Amend the Basel Convention

Basel Convention Home Page

Bamako Convention from BAN

Waigani Treaty from BAN

UNEP POP Site  (Persistent Organic Pollutants) - including treaties etc


World Trade Material

World Trade Organization Web page

WTO DDF Document Distribution Facility

Trade treaty texts and NAFTA treaty text from SICE (OAS Foreign Trade Information System)


Antarctic Material

Committee on Environment Protection (Essentially Madrid Protocol Secretariat)

Madrid Protocol Treaty text

CCAMLR home page

CCAMLR Convention text

Antarctic Treaty text

Agreed Measures for the Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora text from Oceanlaw

Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals text from Oceanlaw

SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research home page

Antarctic Treaty Secretariat


ASIL American Society of International Law Links

Biodiversity Agreements from ASIL

Habitat protection agreements from ASIL

Species specific agreements - marine mammals, SBT, Vicuna, etc from ASIL

Fisheries agreements from ASIL

Regional Agreements from ASIL

National wildlife legislation from ASIL

Journal of Int'l Wildlife Law and Policy

Genetic Engineering

Biodiversity Convention Home Page  

BioTrack Online Regulatory developments in biotechnology in OECD member countries. Includes responsible governmental agency,  relevant laws.


Multilateral Convention Sources

US Sources

European Sources


General International Law

Private International Law (Conflicts)

General United Nations


International Organizations


Human Rights

International Environmental Law and Policy

Climate Change

Law of the SeEa Convention


Comprehensive Test Ban - CTBT



Toxic Trade and Waste



Genetic Engineering